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Youth and Family Support: Images of BABI Clients               Welcome to Bayside Adolescent Boarding Incorporated

WELCOME to BABI Youth & Family Support

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     Our major programs are:

  • Supported Accommodation (for those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness);

  • Youth Justice (for young people 10-17 years who are at risk of becoming involved, or becoming further involved, in the juvenile justice system);

  • Family Support (for young parents, parents of teenagers and any young people experiencing difficulties in family relationships);

  • Youth Development (for young people to become more empowered through personal, social, emotional, recreational and cultural development).

What sets BABI apart from many other youth services is that our first priority is to help young people stay connected with family and community.

Our mission is 'to promote an environment in which young people can grow and participate successfully in the life of their community.' 

We do this by working alongside young people and their families:

  • We help young people to identify their goals and innate strengths,

  • give them the tools to plan for the future,

  • assist them to access resources, and

  • provide targeted support to help them achieve their goals.

Over the years, BABI has developed real expertise in developing young peoples' skills and resilience so they can move forward with confidence.

We have also had tremendous success helping parents to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to make the job of parenting teenagers a genuinely enriching and pleasurable experience.

This success has been officially recognised by the winning of the Queensland Government's 2006 Child Protection Award in the 'Education Initiative' category.

At BABI we focus on strengths, not barriers. After more than 20 years in the field, we know this approach works.

Our effectiveness is boosted by strategic alliances with other organisations. By working together on both the big picture and specific projects, we are better able to address the pressing needs of marginalised young people in the local area.

BABI gives high priority to developing these relationships, because connectedness to community and business is crucial to BABI's effectiveness.

The more connections we make, the more comprehensive and relevant our response to client needs can be.

This website is part of our constantly renewed effort to make the kinds of connections with youth, families, and community support that can only
increase our effectiveness.

There are many ways you may choose to contribute to BABI’s work in the community:



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